The Pure Waters of
Northern Quebec

Quartz is made with one of the world’s purest
water sources, ESKA water. The only water in the
world that is exclusively sourced from an esker
(a subterranean water reserve formed by the
receding of a glacier over 8,000 years ago in
Northern Quebec, Canada), ESKA is naturally
quartz-filtered in the Saint-Mathieu-Lac-Berry
esker. Sodium-free, it’s also low in minerals
and has a perfect PH balance.

Logo Eska

Crafted by Canada

Carved from the windswept boreal landscapes, crafted with Eska,
the crystalline water of the great Canadian north,
naturally quartz-filtered for an unmatched purity and
micro-distilled in small batches for exceptionally smooth vodka.

Quartz Vodka Bottle

Crafted by Canada

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